Our Commission Structure

Once a vehicle has been sold using our platform and the transaction has been concluded between the purchaser and the seller, a commission of 3%, calculated on the value of the transaction concluded between the two parties, will be due to Torque Trader Pty Ltd. This Commission value is however capped at R25 000,00 per vehicle.


Once the transaction has been concluded and the seller marks the vehicle as “sold” on the website, Torque Trader will calculate the 3% commission and will contact the sellerwith the banking details, to pay the commission due to Torque Trader Pty Ltd.


The benefit to this is that the seller will only pay a commission once he/she has sold the vehicle, not like other platforms where you pay an advertising fee regardless of whether you sell your car or not. For more information, please refer to paragraphs 8, 9 and 14 of our Terms and Conditions of Service.

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