What is a verified listing?

A verified listing is a listing that effectively has a “stamp of approval” from a reputable and independent specialist workshop. To obtain a verified listing status, a seller needs to have the vehicle brought to one of our independent workshops for a pre-purchase inspection.


What are the benefits of verifying a listing?

A verified listing provides both buyers and sellers with peace of mind when purchasing a used vehicle, knowing a set pre-sale physical inspection of the car is done by a reputable and independent specialist workshop. As Torque Trader is a company founded on honesty and integrity, it is a service we provide our customers to ensure our ethos of transparency filters through all transactions.

Verify Your Listing

Click the “verify my listing” option when filling in the listing form.


We will contact you

Once we receive your listing details, a representative from Torque Trader will call you to arrange a day to bring your vehicle in for an inspection or refer you to a closer independent workshop to do a pre-purchase inspection for you.


receive an inspection report

Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a report to share with us.


verified badge

After that, your listing will be displayed on the website with a "verified" badge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find an answer to your question?

To verify your listing, we charge R3450.00 (inclusive of VAT), including the pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle.

We have a set list of 35 items that are checked on each vehicle. This list includes running diagnostics on the car, checking for any visible leaks or signs that the vehicle has been in an accident, interior and exterior lights check, instruments check, and the overall condition of the car inspected.


The specifications listed by the seller for the car, including mileage, engine make/model/size, any modifications done to the vehicle, etc., are also verified to check they match the online listing.

The pre-purchase inspection will take no longer than a couple of hours depending on the independent workshops’ availability. Upon making the booking, the timeframe will be communicated to you.

Once you have opted to have your listing verified, a representative from Torque Trader will assist you in finding the nearest Torque Trader-affiliated workshop.


Our current Verified Listing workshops are located in Randburg, Gauteng. However, we hope to make verified listings possible countrywide from 2023.

Please email us at info@torquetrader.co.za and a representative from Torque Trader will contact you.

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